XTEK Demo Page

A small collection of demos made in our WebGL framework.

wgTek Hello World Demo

A very simple application that features an orbit camera and some box rendering

Primitive Render Snake Demo

Primitive render game demo
Snake game implemented using our primitive render, that can display primitive geometry like boxes, points. lines and spheres.

Full Screen Quad Sun/Sky Demo

This demo show how to create a full screen quad using normalized device coordinates and using this to render a sun/sky scattering environment.

Shadow mapping Demo

Shadow mapping demo, that features simple percentage closer filtering and dynamic directional lighting.

Point Cloud Ray Tracer

Point cloud ray tracing of 4.000.000 points using webGL. To enhance performance on low end devices we render in half res and upsample when the camera is still.

Simple Obj loader with shader

Application that load a very simple obj file and render it using a user defined shader


Simple transform manipulation using our gizmos

WGS 84 Ellipsoid globe viewer

wgTek Ellipsoid Ray Tracing

Real time ray tracing of analytic ellipsoids. This is pretty useful to visualize output from Gaussian mixture model statistics.

WebGpu compute Hello world

A very simple starting point for learning WebGPU compute shaders. https://bitbucket.alexandra.dk/projects/RKIN/repos/webgpucomputehelloworld/browse