Early Alexandra Days

With a fresh master and a newborn i started directly from university at the Alexandra Institute

A super awesome place that is meant to bridge the gap between research and industry. I started in pervasive healthcare after presenting the Visible Ear project (Master thesis) at an internal meeting i got a job.  So starting out what should i do? There were this ongoing project with B&O (Danish hi-fi company) about security solution on mobile phones.. I got a brand new Nokia phone with an accelerometer! and the instruction to do something. So i just started doing some engine where we could visualize you coming back to your hotel room, drunk and the use the phone to  verify you identity by solving some small puzzle based on the accelerometer. I did not knew much about hardware and we could parse the accel data using some python magic. I had the idea that we could integrate the acceleration and determine positions and so forth. But the data was supe noisy and doing any unfiltered integration would soon send you out in orbit..

Entrance App
Rotate the knob using the phone
Bingo you may enter!

And of course i also made a media player using gestures.

Media player 2007
Gadget of doom
Physics game 1
Physics game 2

I also played with the concept of physical gaming, where tilting the phone you could roll the balls into the right holes.

When the day came and B&O should see the prototype, nobody came around and the code was lost into the realm of dust. But some time later the first iPhone came around and then this became standard. I remember a workshop we had with B&O just after the initial iPhone launch and B&O is all about physical design. There where a bunch of designers sitting around and frankly didn’t have a clue where to go. They soon closed the recently open software department in Århus and fled back to the wind blown desolates of western Jutland (sound track).

But after this i started working on the VES. But now i remember i had a very nice boss called Jacob and he came one day to ask me if i would participate in another security project. They needed some assistance on some data base work. Luckly i had the gut to so “No way!” thinking back about being a recent graduate and new guy on the block it was kind of risky. But i wanted to do computer graphics so no data base work should derail that. And had i said yes, i would have been tight up in that project for a long time..